Rescuing Raddichio

The Story So Far

Moral: Those Who Burn the World Burn Themselves

Between 15 and 20 adventurers were spared from the plight of all others. A last gasp act of magic against the coming darkness by a great wizard sent these adventurers whirling towards a dark island where a banished God resides.

Approaching the island on a flat boat, the party were attacked by Sahaugins and sharks. The party valiantly defeated the monsters, with the additional casualty of a dodecapus. One party member lopped off a tentacle from the dodecapus, and wore it as a hat, which disintegrated upon each poke. 

The dread dodecapus

After landing, the party decided to go through the Merchant quarters. One party member decided to attempt to rob the nearest person to him. That person in question just happened to be a centaur. This led to a fight with the centaurs in which two party members apparently perish.

However, after surrendering to the police force, they revived both adventurers, and dragged the entire party to jail. They were not robbed of their weapons, but they were placed in one jail cell. Outside the cell they can hear a pounding. And from the rock back of the cell there is a slow chnk-chnk-chnk.


OriginalMrWhite OriginalMrWhite

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