Rescuing Raddichio

Dungeon Delve

Mapping the way out!

Entering a room filled with helmed horrors and secretly a mind-f layer, the heroes had no idea what lay in wait for them. They put up their best effort in combat, but one mind-blast rendered many of them dead once again.

It was at this point that Ptramu arrived, laughing at the heroes. How could they ever hope to beat him, he asked, if they could not plan strategy together? If they did not work as a team? With a flcik of his wrist, he destroyed the enemies, rendering them only dust.

"I shall keep you around," he told the heroes, "because you pose no challenge whatsoever. In time you might be a threat. But you must be able to live first."

With that, he disappeared back to wherever he came from.

Despondent, but refusing to give up their quest, he heroes continued to explore the dungeons. They wound their way past dead ends and into a small room where they handily defeated three gelatinous cubes— but not without three of their party accidentally being sucked into said cubes. Following the bizarre and winding labyrinth, they made their way into another room, where they were greeted by eight apes and one giant ape.

Despite an attempt to not shoot this ape, which they named Harambe, they eventually defeated all of these enemies. A sleep spell sent two of the primates to sleep, and the smaller apes were all quickly dispatched by the heroes. Finally, it only remained to destroy the giant ape— which the group did.

One of their draconic sorcerors, however, who had aged previously in a spell mishap, proved yet again not to quite understand their magic. They had aged from 15 years old to 25 in the first mishap. In the second mishap, they made the enemy grow double it's original size. This still did not prevent the heroes from slaying the nearly dead primate.

The apes held a vast treasure hoard that the heroes availed themselves of. They are currently negotiating on who retains what holding. The fighter Kira is acting as the bank for the group, under the direction of the party leader Katagariss. 

One door leads deeper into the dungeon. One door leads them on in their quest. And faintly behind the door there is the presence of magic… many magic items, and a great spell having been cast recently. 


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