City-Continent of Raddichio

Image of Raddichio from Above

Raddichio is a city-continent raised directly out of the will of a great evil. An evil so great that it is said that all other evil believes the evil to have crossed the line. The continent started as a mind-form springing from the very powerful Dark Wizard Ptramu, a place where he magically managed to hide when confronted in many battles. After losing his corporeal form and ability to directly interfere in the lands of Wulluxia at the end of the [[7-Way War]], he escaped into this thought form. But the idea had already pierced the world and some acolytes managed to start bringing him back through to the Wulluxian world. 

As a city, the continent is laid out into various districts. The large tower in the center of the continent is known as Ptramu Tower. This is the entrance officially to the dungeons that sprawl for supposedly infinite levels beneath the soil. All around that tower are the honored and elite guard in service of the wizard. For this reason it is known as the Elite Ward. 

An Isolate Path, which is wide and usually open only to Ptramu himself, along with his retainers, directly connects the Last Harbor with the Tower. The iron gates are nearly unbendable, however, and have been shut for many, many years.

Just south of the Isolate Path is the Merchancery, a collection of those who would dare to make their fortunes in this world of darkness. All sorts of creatures will all sorts of motives spring up here, from Sahaugins crawling along shore to Illithid's and Mindflayers discoursing various methods of proving their existence to Centaurs and even regular folks who just happened to have been caught in the mind-form when first created by Ptramu. These souls have a saying: "the island is a prison, and we neighbors are our own jailors". 

Just to the south of the Merchancery is a rocking and almost desert like outcropping where strange shadow-beasts fight each other. This is known as The Wilder, and most of the denizens of the City-Continent choose not to go there. It is a remnant of a powerful, ancient magic that perhaps existed even before Ptramu created the thought form. Time and magic work differently there: and it is best avoided. 

Directly north of the tower is the Dark Prison, a keep towering seventy-three stories high and an indeterminate number of levels underground— connecting up with the vast dungeons at the deeper levels, supposedly. The prison is where those two weak or stupid to have any value as slaves are kept: as well as the souls of those taken by the Shadows. The essence of the old heroes is kept here, locked up and under constant gaud. 

Between the Dark Prison and the Merchancery is the work camp of the slaves and the lodging's for their overseers. Slaves do have a path of advancement: if they murder the overseer they can become the overseer. This policy has allowed Ptramu to keep control for many years, keeping the most vicious in charge, always scheming and always afraid of a sudden attack. It is also the place where the Great Coliseum stands tall, where slaves daily fight for the amusement of the overseers and others. It has only been whispered, but it is apparently true that those most mad with the thirst for power have visited this sight often. 

City-Continent of Raddichio

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