7-Way War


The war between Wilhelm Rather and Illithia raged far longer than either of their preternaturally long life spans. Though they both lived a thousand years and died within inches of each other, still battling with the love-hate that spurred passion within them, they are far removed from the Wulluxia of today. They are ancient legends nows, just as Orm and Godclaw were ancient legends to them. 

But their lines prevailed, though continually interrelated, and continued to remain at war with each other. Rathar spread further and further, taking over Jeltin and Brandrish, and absorbing all of the human element within Wulluxia. The great college of the mages, it's original name lost to time, rose out of the waters and became a new island called Jelna'a, with their own culture and influences. They made land fall to the south, and slowly took over the culture of southern Wulluxia, so that eventually King WIlhelm Rathar XVII ordered an expulsion of all magicians. But, as centuries of free magic had taken hold, the very citizens resisted, and taking on the Jelna'a mantle for themselves became the Jelna'a free state. This began a long war between the two countries— a war made more difficult by the continuing attacks from the Dark Fae of Illithia.

Illithia faced it's own problems, too. Situated as they were so near to the now combined Gnomic-Halfling city of Erkytil-Cake and Valley-Dysf'nton, they came into constant clashes with the Small One culture that blossomed there. They also faced the re-built armies of Gloriana, still alive, though now situated in a technologically crafted body. Some of the Illithian ideas had fed into the Faerie realm, and only by accepting the darkness and merging the disastrous technology with her very core could the Faerie Queene remain in existence. With that merging of light and dark, Faeries became less pure, and many came back into the fold, including many who moved back from the North after decades of their families living in Nova Gloriana. 

<caption>Table of Alliances Before 7 Way War</caption>

A = Allied E = Enemy Rathar Illithia Jelna'a Gloriana Gnome-Halfling
Rathar X E E A A
Illithia E X A E E
Jelna'a E A X A E
Gloriana A E A X A
Gnome-Halfling A E E A X

As the table above demonstrates, alliances between the various major-player factions were complicated. Many times delegations in the interest of peace were held between various rivals, to little success.

Meanwhile, a trader from the North entered Wulluxia and using money from his Merchant-King father, began to buy up land in small villages. He amassed a large collection of properties and ruthlessly used his wealth to buy armies of mercenaries, building them into a great force that he claimed would "Re-take and Re-make Wulluxia". That trader later came to be known as the Dark Wizard Ptramu, after he purchased his power from Jelna'a. 

He then proceeded to the mountains, where he cast a spell with his newly purchased powers. That spell spread across the land and soon all of Wulluxia seemed to believe it was owned by him. Every where he went, he took what he wished, and the people gave it gladly and it seemed freely.

But some were not affected by the spell. Those in the heights of power, those who had been feuding for centuries, they understood that this new balance of power would destroy everything that they loved about their homeland. In secret, they met and began to negotiate in earnest. They began by establishing a philosophy, which their mages whispered into the streets. That philosophy, called the Old Balance, suggested that the six nations that had been battling for centuries represented an eternal balance between all the forces of nature: of good and evil, or chaos and order, of progress and conservatism.

It took some time, but the philosophy caught on, and soon people began to doubt their actions.

A band of heroes, one from each nation, came together and toured the land, putting together a large army. The commanders and heroes of this band were:

  • Wilhillithia, the Seventy Third descendant of Illith and WIlhelm Rathar, Ruler of all Illithia.
  • Joquam Rathar V, descendent of Wilhelm Rathar, and cousing to Wilhillithia (though he did not know this until their adventures).
  • Goresh the Gnome, a halfling thief with practical understanding of illusions. 
  • Bloof, a gnome prime minister, very unamused by Goresh's name, but very good at diplomacy and assination.
  • Pin Kranger, a human from the unaligned tribes that border Wulluxia and the North, who had been tutored in magic by Gloriana herself. He proved eventually to be a changeling child, though that did not detract from his great courage and dedication. Upon end of the war, he dedicated himself to righting all wrongs, and founded the Paladin Order of Glorianacs. 
  • Jelna'a, a constructed spirit raised from the great wizards of the past by the Jelna'a college. Eventually, this spirit needed to find  host to live within, and entered into the body of Oatchus, a simple farming elf, who went on to become the head of the Jelna'a college, a third rank wizard practiced in all spells (except illusion, which is forbidden in Jelna'a). 

These six managed to raise a massive army. But they did so as a secret: they knew that they would fight only one foe, Ptramu. They did not tell this to anyone, and sent secret whispers to each other in order to maintain the plan. They met all six armies at the Battle of Black Blazon Ridge. Indeed, they at first attacked each other and each side suffered many losses. 

But this was only a gambit to draw out Ptramu into open battle. He arrived, with his merchant army, and the battle began anew. Each side feigned a retreat, while suffering very heavy casualties, and then each side began to return to the field of battle one at a time. The armies took it in turns to attack Ptramu's force, which claimed now the middle of the battlefield. 

Eventually, only his elite guard was left to defend him. That is when the heroic Band of Six made their move. They each drove their weapon into Ptramu. Detachments of holy people from every religion of Wulluxia denounced the new evil in the name of their gods, and prayed for the Old Balance to be restored. 

Wars would go on. The six sides would continue to bicker. But the balance would continue.

And the religious rite that took place on that battlefield would prevent Ptramu from returning to Wulluxia. But he'd seeded a cult of his evil in his many years of power, and they began to search for the stone of Nuffunmic, which could return him to power.

7-Way War

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