Rescuing Raddichio

All Heroes Die, but the Spirit Lives On
Watch out for dragon breath!

It only took around 60 seconds to defeat the three blue dragon wyrmlings that attacked the party. But it only took that many seconds for about half of the heroes that set out to die. Two dragons used their breath weapons, sending scorching flames out and eventually fatally wounding many heroes. One hero, of the same draconic lineage, managed to withstand the onslaught, but not without questioning his commitment to the fight. Another hero miraculously survived every bit of fire and flame unscratched. Surely their gods were with them!

After the round of combat, those standing were removed to the cells. Healed and prepared for another fight, they heard a chanting coming from the coliseum: "Floof! Floof! Floof! Floof!" Deciding that discretion is indeed the better part of valor, they chose instead to investigate the scratching coming from the back of their cell.

As they rested, and their dead were buried within the coliseum, they were visited by their gods. Several of the heroes, who had been buried, re-appeared. They had been given a choice of death or giving something up to the Dark Fae God-Queen Illith. Others, touched by Gloriana, the Light Faerie Queene, returned to life. Those that lived found themselves bestowed with the blessings of their gods, and suddenly became more powerful.

Returning to the scratching in the cell, they investigated and found a goblin named Trauma Imp, who was tackled and quickly disappeared after revealing that he would help them from time to time obtain their objective— he would help them find the Dark Wizard Ptramu. Perhaps it seemed odd to those present who remembered their mission: they were to stop Ptramu, which need not require they find him.

Nevertheless, the party made their way into a dungeon. They discovered a shrine to Ptramu with incorrect depictions of famous events in the war between that wizard and the rest of the world. They also discovered a trick door, hidden in the right wall, that when opened began to slowly shrink the shrine-room. After quickly exiting, they could no longer go back. They must press forwards. 

The party entered another shrine room, this time to the god Orm. It had been torn apart and used as a campsite. Three metal-wrought suits of armor arose and began moving towards the group. Still worse, several of the clerics had the uncanny feeling that something worse watched them from the shadows of the room…

From Cells to Colliseum
Don't Poke the Dragon

The adventuring part managed to make their way out of trouble and into more trouble. Placed in prison, they faced either some skittering from behind them, a strange sound, or clapping and applause in front of them.  They chose to break forward, and found themselves in a seven-story tall coliseum, immediately set upon by blue dragon wyrmlings in some great contest. 

The Story So Far
Moral: Those Who Burn the World Burn Themselves

Between 15 and 20 adventurers were spared from the plight of all others. A last gasp act of magic against the coming darkness by a great wizard sent these adventurers whirling towards a dark island where a banished God resides.

Approaching the island on a flat boat, the party were attacked by Sahaugins and sharks. The party valiantly defeated the monsters, with the additional casualty of a dodecapus. One party member lopped off a tentacle from the dodecapus, and wore it as a hat, which disintegrated upon each poke. 

The dread dodecapus

After landing, the party decided to go through the Merchant quarters. One party member decided to attempt to rob the nearest person to him. That person in question just happened to be a centaur. This led to a fight with the centaurs in which two party members apparently perish.

However, after surrendering to the police force, they revived both adventurers, and dragged the entire party to jail. They were not robbed of their weapons, but they were placed in one jail cell. Outside the cell they can hear a pounding. And from the rock back of the cell there is a slow chnk-chnk-chnk.

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