Welcome to the campaign page for the JBMS Roleplaying Club. Our current campaign is set in the world of Wulluxia, which I have painstakingly spent years not really writing about but piecing together in my head. This adventure does not take part in either the Far Reaches of Wulluxia or the Main Wulluxian Continent. Instead, it takes place in the City-Continent of Raddichio

You will find the information you need here, along with the ability to track the campaign.

The City-Continent of Raddichio

Beyond the farthest shore of the farthest continent, beyond the Lost Continent, past the End of the World of Wulluxia, rising out of a dark and swampy water known only as The Nothingness, is the City-Continent of Raddichio

It is said that the Dark Wizard Ptramu retreated here after his defeat by bands of Illithian Fae-touched in the 7-Way War. The shell of his should fled the realm, as he had achieved ascendency to Godhood. He was bound not to return physically to Wulluxia while any of the Old Balance remained. However, his dark agents and followers managed to discover the Stone of Nuffugmic that allows Gods entry into any place they have been denied. (It has long been rumored that the stone was the creation of the Council of Elder Gods.) 

Learning of this discovery, the Great Kingdoms of Rathar, Illithia, and Jelna-a put aside their differences, uniting with the other lesser communities of Wulluxia, and sent their holy men and heroes to work against Ptramu. But the holy men and heroes fell at Black Blazon Ridge in battle against a horde of the Shadows of Ignorance. All their knowledge and skill was wipe from their memory: the most powerful heroes and villains alike lost all of their lives work in attempting to prevent Ptramu from retrieving the stone.

Sadly, though, the Shadows made their way into the mists and out of Wulluxia, back to Raddichio. Only hero's whose time had not yet come were spared, as they did not yet have the knowledge to understand exactly the dangers of the world. Only those ignorant of the great danger they faced could stand up to that danger.

Managing some strength in the last moments of his life, before he succumbed to stupor, the Great Grandmage Oatchus, Third Rank of the Jelna'a College, cast a spell. That spell gathered destined heroes not yet awakened to their powers. That spell wiped their memories and set them on a boat drifting into the darkness towards Raddichio. 

The only hope to save Wulluxia and all it's realms lies with those heroes, as the restore knowledge and the Stone of Nuffinmic to all lands.

Rescuing Raddichio

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